About Us

WITNESSTHEFAME™ is a Premiere Music Blog & Label dedicated to licensing emerging new artists, music, & talent of our future airways. Witness the FAME = Fans, Art, Music and Entertainment. Artists are extremely dedicated to their craft and are often overlooked by mainstream media. WITNESSTHEFAME™ is a non-trditional record label that operates more like a musical advertising agency. We specialize in running detailed, demographic-focused campaigns for art contributors and lifestyle brands.

Our mission is to provide a platform of curated content from independent artists and music professionals. WITNESSTHEFAME™ is more of a lifestyle than a brand. It represents the limitless potential of creative pursuits. Moreover, Witness the Fame is a beautifully aesthetically pleasing platform to feature the latest art and music from the real world. It’s nice to have a blog post on a big mainstream blog that thousands of people will see, but never engage or remember. It’s phenomenal to have a Music Agency truly explore your brand and featured content to reveal the true depth of creative masterpieces. Contact us at witnessthefame@gmail.com if you are a professional artist seeking curated, quality exposure and representation.