As we go through our days wondering when things are going to go back to normal again, Anchor the Appetite still longs for “Change” within anything.

As we continue to grow, we make changes in our lives. The decisions that you make in your life can be devastating and, with it, brings a calamity of destruction to you and those around you; guilt, anger, shame, and remorse will tear you apart from the inside. On each shoulder will rest your fear of the unknown and your fear of judgement. In the end, it feels as if your entire world is falling apart and, by applying action, you can truly change who you wanna be and everything you see.

tyler baKKE

We recently gained some exposure through Alternative Press Magazine and Ghost Killer Media Entertainment! Currently, the music video has surpassed 25K views with tons of positive engagement on our official Facebook post. If you want to learn more about “Change” you can visit our Youtube page & watch “Tyler Explains Change.”

Thanks to Tyler, WITNESSTHEFAME™ Records has now boosted Anchor The Appetite with MORE press and exposure, and we know that if you enjoy Rock, you’ll be listening to their music on repeat. Rock with them in their latest music video for “Change” below!