Miami based RnB artist just drops her new video to “Overthinking.” We are so inspired by her story that we just had to find out some more about her and share her radiating smile and art with you!

Aymber departed from her job in 2012, almost 10 years ago and soon began her musical journey by using her past jobs last paycheck to purchase a guitar. That paycheck, purchase, and guitar was all Aymber needed to write her very first song.

Let’s see what Aymber is up to and what she’s been overthinking about! Right now is such a crazy time, it’s bound that everybody’s minds are overthinking at this time.

This lovely production produced by Medisin that actually released for Aymber’s birthday is truly one of a kind. We love the dreamy aura as Aymber surrounds herself in the clouds. As soon as she opens her mouth, we can already relate to the start of the first verse, and we’re also sure humans can relate as well. With her gentle touch and dreamy vibes, she sure can have you overthinking too.

It’s such a wholesome experience watching Aymber in a very angelic setting up in the clouds. As she says “Don’t mind me,” we can’t help but to still mind her. We want to be here for her as she overthinks during this time, because we all are super grateful to have someone so relatable to bring our spirits up when we’re feeling low. She’s known to

“Turn bad feelings into something beautiful.”


Aymber released her first digital track in August 2013 called “I Do.” We would love to know if “I Do” was the first song she ever wrote. Remember how she bought that guitar with her late jobs paycheck?

After releasing two singles, she dropped her debut EP “Easy” in 2016, which made sure she worked with Shaun Martin (Snarky Puppy), The Pointer Sisters, and Eric Biddines.

You can find more of Aymber on all digital streaming services!