NBC Songland contestant Caroline Kole shows off the glitz and fun you can still have in her latest video “I Like Cars.” You may know her by her first stage name Suite Caroline, but it’s obvious Caroline Kole is a natural born songwriter at heart, especially after watching her blow us away on NBC Songland. Catch a taste for her writing style, as well as her total vibe as an artist! It’s pretty nice that she created a lyric video as well.

We totally like cars just as we like money too! The hook is masterful and loaded with lyrics to affirm every second.

Aside from Caroline Kole’s latest music visual, she recently has released a collection of all of her music from different stages of her Life. You can find “I’m a Bad Actress: A Collection” on every digital streaming platform! This seems like a very exciting moment for Caroline Kole because she mentioned that she wanted to release a project bigger than an EP this year, and she has exceeded our expectations!

Caroline Kole claims she’s a bad actress, but within this collection of high vibe music she has totally set the tone in place for smooth sailing forward. Once you plug “I’m a Bad Actress: A Collection” in and let it play, you’re in for a ride of matched high vibe matched energy, universal lyrics that we can all relate to, engaging sounds within the music, as well as her own sound that reminds us of that Hollywood feeling. It’s clear Caroline Kole is always walking the red carpet, even though she’s a “bad actress” but perhaps, she’s a good one!

We love how engaging Caroline Kole is with her audience. The way she pulls us in through her visuals, relatable words, widely known name and performance, as well as a remembrance of all that red leather.

Many of the later songs on the collection include a similar emotion and vibe as I LIKE CARS, which starts off the whole collection in the first place. We’re immediately pulled in by her words, her songwriting is magical and truly the key to our engagement. We know Caroline Kole feels the same as we do in certain scenarios, and trust us, you WILL find a song that you can relate to. That’s what songwriting is for, right? Songwriters emit emotions so that we can feel through music, and Caroline Kole does an excellent job at that.