During a time where we are celebrating Oneness and coming together as a human race once and for all, I came across these Rap Queens in the year 2020, that have already been bridging the animosity gap between women. They created the most delightful experience showing their creativity, rapping straight BARZ, trending in fresh fashion, and standing together as a united collective of women.

The mastermind behind all of this: Lil Keisha. She’s got mad rap skills, bars, an eye for creative direction, and stage presence. Making a huge impact on the Chicago Rap/Hip Hop scene for many years, she has successfully MC’ed many live performances, been showcased on Power 92 and WGCI, and she is also available on all digital streaming platforms.

There’s a power behind women lifting up other women. This music business is tough, and with a business saturated with mostly males and masculine energy, it is important to remember the Sisterhood that we all are bonded by as women.

Check out Briana Nichole, Go Getta, Crys, Miranda Ryte, Miss Chi, Lil Keisha as they start the showcase of the bond of Black Artist Sisterhood.
Back with another Female Cypher! Check out Lady Red, LadyZee Tha Goddess, Spazz, Niema Loca, TT Bandz, and Lil Keisha as they slay another hot beat!
Back at it again with Mika Luciano, Keesha2Cold, Ash Loc, Lil Keisha, Bianca Boss Lady, T Johns, and Misses Prezident as they switch the game up with their barz!
Check out Mz Taty, Cali Hendrix, JackJack, Elle B, and Gypsee Queen, as they takeover “Ready or Not” by Lauryn Hill with their dopest lines.

The lady and creative behind these Chicago Female Cyphers, Lil Keisha.

We just want to give a huge shout out to these amazingly talented ladies for standing in formation and giving the Hip Hop music scene some flare!

See below where you can find your favorite rapper in the cypher:

Briana Nichole

Miss Chi

Go Getta


Miranda Ryte has BEEN moving in this Hip Hop game for years. Even though her latest releases were in 2018, we can await her return because we’re sure looking forward to it.

Lady Red lets us know just how overbearing the city of Chicago can be sometimes in one of her music videos that you can find below.

LadyZee Tha Goddess gives us a reminder to respect the goddess as we always should.

Spazz VS Armani Kay released a Hardaway remix and named it KayMix. Is this a remix of Lil Keisha’s song?

Niema Loca shares her stories in her latest video which showcases an area of Chicago we may or may not know even exists.

TT Bandz is sitting pretty while she shows off her rapping skills in one of her best videos.

Mika Luciano is spitting straight bars with her new “Go Apeshxt” music video and this song goes harder than any mainstream female rapper we’ve heard. There’s so much green in this video we are unable to take our eyes off of the color of the production!

Keesha2Cold did a number with this one and her outfit is super on point! The production is super and we love the presentation of the story in this music video.

Ash Loc stunts another part of her style by flowing the bars to us while keeping it super classy.

Bianca Boss Lady shows off her latest style in her latest video in the heart of Chicago.

T Johns released a HIT years ago that we just discovered and won’t forget. Everyone in the Midwest or anyone going through a hard time, here’s to you.

Misses Prezident is out to be the FIRST female president, did you hear her in her rhymes?

Mz Taty has the rhythm and flow that reminds us of that old school Hip Hop when we tune in. Check out her collaboration below with Mexico!

Cali Hendrix just released a new video about two weeks ago that is worth checking out! You can catch her individual bars in “Do Some Mo” so that you can get a feel for her style and vibe. There’s so much weed smoking in this video so be sure to have your blunts ready! You can also catch her unifying with Lil Keisha and Mikka Luciano while they let us know about RACKS.

JackJack spits super dope verses in the fourth cypher and we truly are unable to get enough of her talent! You can click her name to find her exclusive brand as well as check out her latest bars in her Instagram videos!

Elle B as mysterious as she is, you can catch her in Gypsee Queen’s cypher as well as in the video below.

Gypsee Queen is so down with unifying our Rap Queens! She even has a super dope cypher you can check out to hear some more of our Chicago Rap Queens. Her music video that you can check out below, tells a story that will make you cry or make you grateful to be Alive.