Christopher Marciano on Witnessthefame New

We just recently discovered Christopher Marciano with a swaggy new visual to his 2020 single “Discussion.”

With songs like “Runaway”, “Stubborn” and “I’m Just Me”, Pop and R&B Singer-Songwriter Christopher Marciano is no stranger to speaking his mind about self-worth. The importance of promoting Mental Health Awareness and Diversity through his music has been the reason why he continues to not let the pen escape him.

“The moment I found myself avoiding mirrors is the moment I knew something had to change. I needed to take everyone on that journey towards finding Transparency and if I helped just one person along the way, then I’ve done what I needed to do.”

-Chirstopher Marciano

The visual took us by surprise with captivating scenery, fun fashion, catch lyrics, and a vibe that’s undeniably cool. Check out @Christopher’s new visual here and be sure to share and comment.

Christopher Marciano on Witnessthefame

Below you can also stream Christopher’s two new 2020 singles via spotify!