“Have you ever seen the world so strange?”

It’s a serious question. These are insanely wild times we live in and it’s only right to be grateful and ready to make changes at the same time. Changes have already been made, and changes are still being made. Right now, we need to continue speaking up, we cannot be silent. We cannot be silent against violence, police brutality, racism, and anything in the world that is evil and full of hate. Speaking up is the right thing to do, making a change is the right thing to do, and being the change is also the very right thing to do.

Sanía Iman kindly lets us know in her latest video Conscious Species which is a song from her newest single World Help (which dropped TODAY!) You can find it first on Apple Music and her website.

We really love seeing Sanía Iman out in nature, it’s as if she’s one with the greenery and the scenery of Mother Earth. You’ll find her in her latest video in constant deep thought trying to understand the state of the world today. How have you been feeling during this time? We know humans are still moving and shaking, but times are still rough and the energy is tough. We really trust that you’re hanging in there and staying safe!

Conscious Species written and performed by Sanía Iman

We were able to get some insight on the main reason this song was even written. Sanía Iman states:

“What I write, has already been written.”

Sanía Iman

Keep reading below to see what else our RnB Queen has to say about the state of the world today and the vibes this song will bring:

“I feel like this is a strange world we live in today. I understand change but this is a weird normal now. Seeing humans in masks like they’re muzzled up and have no rights, learning weekly that there has been a new shooting due to police brutality, and seeing that we still use social media as a large collective tool to stay in touch as humans. It’s scary not being in control of mostly anything that goes on today, not even your own cell phone, especially if you have Apple. But I’m just here today, fulfilling my Purpose and healing the world with my music. It’s so amazing to be able to have this voice that I can deliver my message with. I’m also so grateful to everyone who’s been rocking with me and enjoys my conscious flow. There’s not enough artists singing about love, what it means to be loved, consciousness, spirituality, or anything. There’s also not many great influences today, that I know of, in the music scene. It’s truly concerning so I make sure that I use my voice wisely and purposely so that I can spread peace and love through this world, we really need it.”

“Conscious Species has already been written, by me, in the stars or whatever else God had planned already. As are my other songs. When I first heard about George Floyd, I didn’t speak up too much about this traumatic situation. I sit with my thoughts mostly so I was very in my head about what had happened. That wasn’t right, nothing was correct about that even though I know this has been happening for a lifetime. And, I was wondering how could something like this possibly happen during the largest pandemic that involves literally not being able to be near other human Beings. I realized then the bigger entity in this, there’s a force that needs to be put to a stop once and for all. So, even though I bring peace and love to every situation, this message needs to be heard. I will continue to heal God’s Kingdom for as long as I am able to. Shift to higher vibrations, happier frequencies, more light and authenticity.”

Looks like it’s perfect timing for this World Help single and that is where you will find Conscious Species. For now, you are able to listen to the single exclusively on Sanía Iman’s website and Apple Music. You may also remember this song from Sanía Iman’s Musicasa performance where she debuted the whole single before it came out! If you missed it, oh well, we do have a post on our page that will include a recap.