Deeder (Robert Nord, 26 years old) is an independent musician, singer-songwriter, mixer and producer from Sweden.
Creating songs from his home studio in Stockholm. Describing the majority of the music simple as Pop Rock
with a lot of his influences combined from Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Post-Punk and New Wave

The songwriting is often about all the questions and thoughts in his head, resulting in all kinds of feelings, from despair to hope.According to his own saying Deeder wants to create music that represents life.

Deeder first ever bought a guitar at the age of 17 as a result of wanted to play his favorite songs. Though it would take a few years for him take it more serious. It began when he started studying as an engineer and used playing the guitar as a self therapy process and could play for hours without realizing it. In 2016, he got his degree and moved to Stockholm for work. There he would take his music to a new level. He started his musical career in 2017 by joining his first ever band.

He continued playing with different local bands for a couple years as a guitarist. During this time he also started recording and composing songs on his own.In the year 2019 he decided that he would want to focus more on producing and writing songs, so from there a plan for “Deeder” started. Spending most of his free time on the project that year made it possible to finally make his dream come true.

• April 3 the adventure with Deeder started, along when his first single “Motivation” was released.

• May 1 the second single “Lonely Silence” was released, with a more darker and heavier direction.

Much more is planned from Deeder this year..



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