Atlanta has unleashed their musical talent AGAIN! Diamonn is a natural superstar as well as a graduate student at Berklee College of Music. It’s always a pleasure to see our gifted women in the industry doing such positive with their lives. On top of being a natural superstar, graduate student at Berklee College of Music, she is also a part of the Nashville Songwriting Association since she is a dedicated singer/songwriter.

Since an early age, Diamonn has been influenced by many legends including Janet Jackson, Amerie, Brandy, and Beyonce. Her influences and motivation led her to perform at The Apollo, open for great artists including Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, Guy, and Ginuwine as well as performing the National Anthem for the WNBA Atlanta Dream Team.

Diamonn recently released her latest single “Blame Me” which has a very classic intriguing visual to complement her song. Take a listen below and admire the real classiness that women can look up to in the world today.

The body positivity is genuinely awesome and off the chain in this music video! The choreography was exciting to watch as the ladies moved around in exercise-like movements. This visual seems as though it starts off with a simple disappointing text, but what’s most noticeable is the fact that Diamonn’s classy way of showing body positivity is a genius! We can feel her energy eluding through the screen as well as the lyrics that are felt from her heart.

We haven’t seen an official, classic “in the gym” video in so long! This artist has such wonderful class when it comes to her art, and once she takes off dancing and singing we are super entranced! The choreography is also very satisfying with the scenery and beat of the song. Since Diamonn makes it look natural, she totally captivates our eyes.

It is quite obvious that Diamonn has no problem admitting her wrongs and taking responsibility for any action she may have been involved in. It is always good to understand how to “right your wrongs” and move on from what has happened. The lyrics that were written were so deep, we still wonder “Diamonn, how could ANYBODY ever blame you? It’s never your fault!” As the captivating R&B styled groove takes you through a storyline you may have heard or experienced before, you can truly feel this art because it is very self aware and self knowing.

This captivating lady influence has completely stolen our hearts as we await her next music visuals! Diamonn has lovely performance scenes during the whole video, that truly engages us with her and the song. That’s when we start to bop our heads!

“Blame Me” is streaming below on Spotify! You can also catch this song along with her introductory 2019 EP “DIAMONN” that started her digital recording career.