We’re sure this title can relate to most of the worlds mood right now. We thought we were sad years ago, now we’re social distanced and some of us couldn’t be more sad. Even though we are seeing our friends and staying safe, it’s probably one of the oddest experiences imagined.

Nobody came on this post to be too sad, in fact, we’re Alive so there is no reason to be sad! Eli Major actually brought us vibes to chill at home to this summer with his latest release “Summer At Home” which is a 2 song single that includes “Time For Me” and “It’s Not Fair.”

Hopefully some of Eli Major’s people made time for him! We sure don’t want him to be hurting, especially during this Summer At Home. The vibe of “Time For Me” won’t even make you shed a tear, you’ll have no choice but to bop your head and groove to this smooth vibe. As we smooth into the next vibe, just instantly hearing the words “It’s Not Fair” can make you remember how the world is today so it’s suddenly pulled you in. Even though it sounds that he’s experiencing some energy other than the world, we sure hope our Chicago artist cheers up because his music definitely supports others in cheering up.

This smooth RnB song with Hip Hop vibes throughout, is sure to get stuck in your head as well as still put a smile on your face. Even though we may be feeling Sad N Low we WILL be okay.

You can stream “Summer At Home” below to feel some more vibes! We are looking forward to what Eli Major will be bringing to the music scene!