“It’s a miracle”


“…to be alive in this Small Big City!

Elitenment is finally back with an outdoor visual in the city where he was born and raised: Chicago. Take a glance at the tallest skyscrapers, and the most marvelous scenery.

Despite the pandemic and the various looting happening around the city, GAIA has spread her love various times throughout this social distancing time. The Earth has been looking more Alive than ever lately, and it’s obvious us humans are feeling it too since we live on this rock!

As Elitenment spreads love with his visual in the heart chakra of America, it is apparent that the world needs it and can benefit from new music and dope vibes.

You can check out the full video below! You can also find it on the WITNESSTHEFAME™ YouTube!

The official WITNESSTHEFAME™ Exclusive visual from Elitenment™

We were so excited to collaborate with a good colleague of ours for his debut WITNESSTHEFAME™ Exclusive Video with us! That’s right, this is Elitenment’s first exclusive video with us! We love collaborating with other producers, artists, filmmakers, and writers.

There has been a lot of harm done to our Small Big City over the past couple of months due to the energy of the world. Because all of our worlds are so combined as one right now, the frequencies felt in this song and visual captivate our energy and make us smile.

All smiles here!

We asked, and found out that this reference “small big city” really means that Chicago is a massive metropolis, yet very connected. “You can really know a lot of people here” says Elitenment.

One way or another we can certainly say these visuals, directed by Chicago native Beazt™ and this music from Elitenment is right on time, and it sets a very smooth tone and energy while listening. Something truly sounds like life here.

Elitenment™ and his Saxophone



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