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Elitenment™ is one of the industry’s most creatively versatile music producers and songwriters. He specializes in constructing original beats, designing unorthodox sounds, and crafting shakespearean influenced songwriting.

This Artist’s Debut Album, “Egotrippin’”, premiered in 2009 as a physical CD only, and later went live in digital music stores world wide. The original album took listeners on a journey through Sigmund Freud’s Theory of the Ego. After speaking with Elitenment it was clear that he wants fans to know how deep his work and art truly goes, as well as how much time, and knowledge is required to create these finished masterpieces.

EGOtrippin' Original Cover Art spread

“Myself and two producers worked day-and-night making several beats a day before we curated a finished product that summer. One of the producers is no longer with us here on earth. He was murdered, and I literally promised to never give up music as long as I live,” says Elitenment. The album was a success, but not in a “which b***h you know made a million off a mixtape” kind of way.

Although the album didn’t go platinum, it did gain the attention of big execs like Jimmy Iovine, and the project helped establish Elitenment’s spot as a Chicago Music Artist to watch. At the time the rapper’s former stage name was, “Elite.” That year he wanted to create a much more unique and distinguished presence across all of his branding, and switched everything to Elitenment™.

His debut year also was also the year he lost all of his fans to the major myspace downward spiral of 2008. Elitenment says he’s seen his loss referred to as “one of the biggest career mistakes of music business in the 21st century.” The mistake? Housing all of his 900+ dedicated myspace fans in one area without converting them into a mailing list.

Elitenemnt, Austin Julian Davis, Chicago

Elitenment stopped music for over a year after the homicide involving his producer. “SouLife™ was more than a friend to me. I didn’t realize until he was gone, that he had been in music theory classes and band with me since the age of 6 years old! I remember us going to all those piano recitals growing up, winning all the solo contests for instruments, all those competitive marching band shows in high school on some Drumline-type-shit… Yeah I miss him and could only imagine how much farther we would be into our music careers if he was still here. He was the only other person, besides our first piano teacher (Mrs. Watts), who could embrace my gift of playing piano by-ear, and show me how to play anything on piano very quickly” says Elitenment.

Perseverance is a key to establishing anything and Elitenment has shown steadfast tenacity when it comes to never giving up, despite all the personal nuances and setbacks he described to us. He asked that we keep a lot of details private, but just know that Elitenment has depth for a reason.

Elitenment is considerably one of the most notable renaissance artists of our decade. Elitenment says that music is one of the best ways for him to combine 5 of his favorite art forms: Motion Picture, Graphic Design, Photography, Writing, and Sound Design. Elitenment attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago to study Graphic Design.

“I knew as a sophomore in high school that I was going to continue a career in Graphic Design because I could see it is the future of the world. Just glance around your home or office and count how many different items have an element of graphic design on them. I actually went to the same college Kanye West attended, and even though I didn’t drop out, I had a situation where I was forced to withdraw from the school due to a financial misunderstanding” says Elitenment.

The Chicago native’s second Album, “After Party (Deluxe Edition)” premiered worldwide in digital stores in 2012, with a total listening time of 1 hour & 23 minutes. The artist referred to this entire album as an ode to college days where he and his art-school colleagues apparently “partied harder in skyscrapers than frat houses ever imagine.” The album has a dark undertone with extremely lyrical moments of love and light, plus messages of insightful wit. Elitenment says the album recounts several real-life experiences from the dark, but fun times they had as crazy art students in college. One notable song, “Fanatical (19th Symphony)” most closely illustrates the vibes of the time, says Elitenment.

“At the time we threw the biggest parties in the Sky Scraper, and oddly enough “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” was the main soundtrack to our madness. That album was alive, and Kanye has no Idea how much it influenced our lives at the time.”

To some of us here at WITNESS THE FAME™, we believe that “Fanatical” is arguably Elitenment’s most musically dynamic song. Given the nickname 19th Symphony, “Fanatical” utilizes over 15 different synthesized instruments, features a complex piano melody, and even has a bridge that functions more like an original Classical Ballad that builds up into a rock n’ roll big finish and piano solo. In our opinion, that’s genius. Elitenment said he wanted to incorporate years of the traditional music theory that he studied and learned into a hip-hop track. On the After Party (Deluxe Edition) album, the song “Fanatical” has an interlude piece which more closely focuses on just the instrumental itself and some of it’s dynamics. We were also told that “All of The Lights” by Kanye West inspired Elitenment to push so much sound into his hit, “Fanatical.”

Could HAve HAd IT All Photos Elitenment

Among other classics on the album, a few more notable hits include: “Champagne N’ Sinatra,” a beautiful song full of classic jazz samples, “A+ Failures,” an original production that introduces Elitenment’s love for bass distribution, “Could Have Had It All,” Elitenment’s number one selling song ever, “Louie V Gnarly,” inspired by Kraeshawn, and “Mount Olympus.” All these songs and more have a compelling sound, story, and emotion to them. There are plenty of other songs on After Party to enjoy. We may have our biased tastes, but the entire album is worth the full hour and thirty minutes.

Devoted By Elitenment Album Artwork

While both of Elitenment’s original studio albums feature over 20 tracks, his third studio album, “Propaganda Recall”, is a digestible 39 minutes with 11 tracks. One of the Latest releases from the album is called “Devoted,” a Futuristic smash hit with hypnotic bass, Elitenment’s classic shakespearean prose, and whole lot of drip. We didn’t even realize Elitenment was singing the hook! Click the image above to take a listen for yourself.

Elitenment produced 9 out of 11 tracks on the “Propaganda Recall” album solo and brought his legendary immersive sound and style to the entire record. We were even exclusively told that 4 of the tracks were created on a custom sound palette, and all 4 include similar elements from each other, as if Elitenment remixed the same song 4 entirely different ways, with the same instruments.


In his quiet years around 2015 Elitenment focused on EDM music he had been creating for years. He curated beautiful album called “Good Noise” that released in October of 2015, making his newest release his technical 4th album. (Click the image above to listen exclusively on soundcloud).

“I’ve been promising fans this album for years” says Elitenment, and he has since 2013 actually.

Set for release in mid September, “Propaganda Recall” is Elitenment’s Highly Anticipated 3rd studio Album. The artist has released several teasers of the track listing, and leaked what we think may be the album art, but we can never be too sure with these artists until it drops. The album is said to have appearances from other Chicago artists including: @Dabeast069, @FareGames, @theLunaGrey, 2 guest productions from @Spazzbot_x, and more! The album has a few notable hits already floating around stores such as: “Brand Name,” “Outer Limits,” Summer16’s “Propaganda Money,” and 2017’s “Love.”

Again, we’ve got news that Elitenment’s new album is set for a mid-September release and we will keep everyone updated on the official release date as soon we get the news.



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