Summer 2019 in Chicago, IL was one of the coldest, slowest summers we’ve seen. That doesn’t stop the vibes of our Chicago native, Elitenment, as he released a hot, 3 song single, Mogul Music this Summer 2020.

Have you heard the song Mogul from 2011? If not, get listening to the first track in this continuous series of Mogul Music from Elitenment. Chill out with the sound of big bands, Jazz, and classic sounds at their finest when you plug into the eight minute single. All Moguls are going to love this sound as soon as they get their ears to it. This music can remind their entrepreneurial mind of the flow and joy business brings, along with the conscious moments that are desired to be created for the future.


Along with the release of Mogul Music, we do want to remember the real summer vibes as we look back on our seasoned artist 2016 visual to his single Propaganda Money.


You’re probably wondering, what do Mogul Music and Propaganda Money have in common? The season, of course. Summer is finally shining with the beautiful sun amid all that is happening in the world. Even though we are unable to gather, we are able to cherish, remember, and dream of the positive times around hanging with our favorite people.

Be sure to stay tuned as we continue navigating through and with Elitenment as the rising Star continues to spread wisdom and knowledge that is literally out of this world.