GSnaps is here to bring you virtual hugs and music! Proudly living her Passion and encouraging us all to do the same, we discovered GSnaps on LÜM snapping on her top single “I Rap This” and couldn’t help but flock to her happy personality.

From professional Hip Hop dancer to Female Rapper, GSnaps purely does what she loves and that is one thing that we believe in most here at WITNESSTHEFAME™, doing what you absolutely love the most! Check this video below to hear the flow that captured us in the first place!

We absolutely love the vibe of this video! It’s super dope at the beginning looking like GSnaps has given her cartoon self a high five. At this point, we don’t know what kind of bars are dropping next but she came with the heat and totally blew us away with the first rhyme. We’re captivated and motivated the whole time understanding every single lyric like it was meant for us to understand. We appreciate the empowering flow and the confidence behind the flow. GSnaps has distinguished herself from the norm of female rappers by flowing with meaning and rapping how we’ve never seen a lady rap before! She totally proves that she raps this!

On top of her extremely encouraging personality, words, and whole hearted smile, GSnaps brings a snap of happiness to our days and we’re sure she will bring you the same! It is always a wonder watching someone truly be their most authentic self.

While GSnaps can flow like crazy she can also create bumpin’ music that can totally turn you up on a Tuesday! If you’re reading this on a Tuesday, or any day, stream GSnaps below and rock with her!