Immediately upon the album starting we could hear the absolute vibe of this entire classic masterpiece. Kosher is a direct, and literal title that upholds easily to it’s name. The entire album by Chicago native artist, Fare Games™,  was absolutely #KOSHER.

After ingesting the entire album close to  six or nine times, we’ve concluded that this is a 2018 epitome of Chicago classic music. The music gave us good feelings that reminded you of the same emotions you get listening to artists like @DAsmart, @BumpJ, @ASAProcky, G-Herbo (@nolimitherbo), and @JayRock

Fare Games has been legitimately on the rap scene since the first decade of the new Millennium, and this gives him a certain respect in our opinion. The longer you’ve been working, the more important you become. We know for a fact that Fare Games™ is back to bless us with the vibes he’s got on deck. We’ve waited for a long time for a project from this low-key rap genius. Fairly enough, he gave us what we wanted; a cohesive rap project that we can all smoke to like when @wizkalifah dropped #KushAndOrangeJuice – that sh*t was #Kosher.

“Kosher” is 10 tracks in total length, and in all honesty it’s an easy listen. You can run the album more than once because it doesn’t take forever to get to the end, and of course you’ll want to run most of the album back again; especially track number four. One of our writers was most impressed with the production value of this album. We can admit that the entire album is some chill music, but it’s great for social gatherings. This is another 2018 album that you can let ride like #KanyeWest ‘s 4-5 albums he produced this summer. The album was produced by CanisMajor (@canismajorbeats)

Needless to say (if you listen for yourself) this album is easily 4.4 stars. It has Chicago’s soul in it. Speaking of soul, Fare Games honors Chicago’s legendary SoulLife™ a producer, musician, and genius pianist that became another victim of Chicago’s senseless violence. The heart, dedication, love, and artistry that SouLife™ brought us was unmatched. For Fare Games™ to dedicate another entire song to our fallen angel is purely honorable.

Easily put: Fare Games™ is BACK! Go buy his album or stream it on apple music by clicking here. Spotify users should click this to get right into the vibes. Below is an official music video from his first single on “Kosher”. The Chicago super artist wasn’t lying when he said he’s from the wild 100s. In this video Fare stars as a highly respected employee of Joe Willie’s (@JoeWilliesSeafoodBar). Go ahead and enjoy the video below, the concept is so Chicago. 



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