Kris Kollins has just stepped back onto the music scene with his new single “WISH” which is available on all digital streaming platforms now. We’ve known Kris Kollins since his well known YouTube days. Have you seen his Prince tributes and YouTube covers? You might have back in the day! So be sure to catch up with him on his latest single!

This music was inspired from the sounds of Brazil’s Bossa Nova and we can totally hear so in the beat. Even though this is only a promotional release for who-knows-what is coming next, but there will be more to follow this heart felt release. We will be awaiting a visual to this song, hopefully it has some Bossa Nova flair in the film.

In case you were not aware, Kris Kollins has been in the music game for quite some time. Being a YouTube Star from eight years ago, it’s apparent that music hasn’t left his Soul and we need to get in tune with his tunes now.

Take some time to stream WISH below as well as above in the linked video!