Smellin’ Like Dior is a TOP hit in Krystall Poppin’s catalog and might we say, this song is truly poppin’ all over the nation! Wouldn’t you want to smell like Dior everywhere you go? Of course, stay exquisite and stay poppin’!

From El Paso, Texas and on the digital scene since 2015, Krystall Poppin articulates a unique vocal style and bright rhyme performance that makes sure she sticks out from the norm of female rappers. Our classier lady rap star, Krystall Poppin, is further from the norm than you think and totally proves that to us in her latest music visual “Smellin Like Dior.” She showcases scenes in this visual that we wouldn’t suspect from a female rapper like Cardi B or Megan Thee Stallion; Krystall Poppin stays keeping it super surprising and classy at all times, check her out in the video below!

We appreciate Krystall Poppin for promoting body positivity, appreciating women, as well as flowing something meaningful.

Some super cool facts that make us fan so hard include that our witty lady rapper travels around the United States in “The Honey Whip” in order to collaborate with other artists and any other music industry professional. Honey must be some favorite of hers because in 2019 she released her second full length album “Raw Gold Honey.” “The Honey Whip” is Krystall Poppin’s famous RV that takes her around the towns.

We appreciate Krystall Poppin because she influences and encourages us to stay poppin’, and we literally mean stay poppin’. If you’re into Rap/Hip Hop, turn our girl up in your headphones or speakers and stay poppin’!