Jason Maek and Zaena are one of the worlds hottest music duos out there. With engaging spirits, upbeat music, fun and colorful visuals, what else could we ask for from Maek?

As we check in on them, their latest music video Tik Tok is on a roll. We know to always count on this pair to make a viral hit to captivate our eyes. This was perfect timing too! We sincerely appreciated the old school Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vibes along with the engaging playfulness of the whole visual. We don’t just mean literal playfulness either, we mean this visual has the true POP to instantly grab your attention.

As you could see in the very beginning, our dynamic duo sent a huge thank you to the Cast & Crew of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and also thanked them for the memories and wished them a happy 30th anniversary. That was a very engaging and inclusive way to reach out to the homey show that we all recognize and love. Mixing this influence with a new app we know and love was also inclusive as well and we thoroughly enjoyed the gimmick. The best part is the spinning Prince chair, it’s so cool and we haven’t seen anyone in the industry re do this theme so kudos to their creativity.

The old school theme is kept throughout the whole video which definitely catches our attention as we await the next scene for the next part of this colorful visual. You can tell this duo has a huge passion for creativity and music in general. With more engaging visuals that have already been created that you can surely go check out on their YouTube channel, we have been super proud of Jason Maek and Zaena’s recent successes including placement in Tyler Perry’s “SISTAS” where you can find their song “Brand Name” located somewhere within the show.