At the start of this new decade 2020, it surely took us all by surprise. Now, we’ve been living in the same exact world together, mask on or not. With this pandemic attacking our species, it’s been a completely different world for us all that we are now forcefully used to.

To Make The World is to Love the world and turn it into a world that we Love! Wouldn’t it be awesome to experience everyday living in a world that we created a Love so dearly?

In the opening sequences of Deeder’s very own Make The World, he asks a question in the beginning

“How did we come to this?”

Perhaps indicating that even though it’s been a wild ride, we can change it around with our beliefs and how we feel about the world.

The smooth, soft sounds along with the positive and uplifting lyrics, makes it obvious that we can trust Deeder to lead us in a smoother direction so that we can Make The World.

The instrumentation in this song is incredible. It’s extremely vintage and makes us feel so nostalgic. The lyrics are also very worth listening to as Deeder has written some valuable words that we all can benefit from hearing.

We’re really looking forward to seeing Deeder rock the stage with his guitar and his soft Rock vintage energy, especially after this pandemic is over. Once we get to the breakdown of the song towards the end, we’re totally mesmerized by more uplifting words about how we will reach our goal together and Make The World. Along with these words, we also attach a feel good vibe to Deeder’s music as he is here to spread positivity to the world through his Rock music.

Listen along with us below!

That guitar solo is WILD, Deeder! You have talent that we need in the Rock world today! Everywhere we turn it seems as though artists express how dead Rock is and how they are unable to find that outlet in 2020, but thanks to Deeder and many other Rock artists who have made themselves known, we can surely see that ROCK’S ALIVE!

Check out the promo video below to Make The World and stay on the lookout for the official music video! We will keep you updated so that you always know what your favorite artists are up to first.