Down in the Southern areas of the States, artists are definitely booming with talent. Currently in Austin, Texas, Mélat has become an R&B favorite over many years blowing us away with her musical talent. Singing and playing piano, she has also kept us very entertained this quarantine with her new music visuals and live performances.

Spreading Love and believing that in all things Love is the only truth, Mélat sings stories about Love along with stories that she crafts from her own personal experiences. She really gives us lyrics, moods, and feelings that we can totally relate to on a daily basis! Whether she’s singing of self Love, Love for others, Love for her romantic partner, or worldly Love, Mélat sings from the presence of a human being “simply longing to be.”

We’ve attached a YouTube video below so that you can update yourself on Mélat in a very engaging way. She recently interviewed with Concert Queen Connect and it’s a wonderful opportunity to hear more about who may become one of your favorite R&B stars.

After a wonderful, very open and honest conversation, we’ve learned as much as we need to know now about Mélat. How about those angelic vocals though?

After all, we can surely thank Mélat for being one of the Conscious Species we have on the planet. In retrospect, Mélat is all about spreading and giving Love and that is something we truly appreciate and cherish at WITNESSTHEFAME™. You can stream the lovely R&B vocalist below as well as watch another official visual from her because she has been putting so much work into her Life’s Passion.