“It’s been 20 years in the making!”

Sanía iman & elitenment

Once upon a time we realized that 2020 was right around the corner. After realizing how right around the corner it was, we stopped to take a step back and reflect on 2019. WITNESSTHEFAME™ survived an awesome year digitally this 2020, even after continuous hack downs of the website. Our 2019 was filled with activity that we were not causing ourselves, but as we overcame the haters, we also overcame many limiting beliefs that caused specific mindset shifts to never give up on your dreams and what you desire.

We wouldn’t dare stay hacked down, that won’t dare stop us. We know how valuable and important it is for us to reveal artists to you so that you can discover new music and experience neurogenesis. I mean, who knows, the artist you may have been waiting to cross your path all along may land on our site before you discover them first! We’ve discovered all of the artists featured on our site, and we write about them because they stick out and are unique in our label’s book.

During 2020, we’ve had the opportunity to discover and work with many Independent artists across the globe. In fact, our Independent label took a turn Internationally and traveled across seas digitally. We have also had the privilege to give Independent artists many opportunities that are extremely valuable in the long music journey run, these opportunities include: lifetime music mastering, lifetime playlist placements, lifetime access to our artist community, lifetime revenue from streaming, blog placements, playlist placements, innovative strategic marketing for long term, as well as features and benefits for being a part of our label.

We are excited to announce all that is coming in 2021! Surprises aren’t really our thing, so be on the lookout for the WITNESSTHEFAME™ Academy and much more that will be appearing on the surface in 2021!

We called upon Sanía Iman and Elitenment to hear their thoughts on going into the new decade. They believe that this year is about making a change and putting old ways to an end. It’s not healthy, due to research, to hold onto old beliefs especially if they are not serving you anymore. Well, “New Decades” is here to break every limiting belief and once you start rapping along you’ll feel the energy too.