VIPEACH™ has created one of the hottest songs to date! “Boss Shit” is a tune that will have all of you Boss Chicks in paradise and understanding.

My hustle a match


Bitch I’m a star


Listen to this bomb song and affirm these words VIPEACH™ is speaking! You ARE a star!

Be sure to vibe out with VIPEACH™ on Spotify and also check out the Producer’s Cut of the music visual below!

As you continue to do “Boss Shit” and stay on top of your game, be sure to listen to “Boss Shit” by VIPeach™ which has been one of the hottest hits of the recent two summers.

VIPeach™ released “Boss Shit” in September of 2021 and we received the honor in filming the music visual behind this hit song. “Boss Shit” has received various radio airplay, Spotify playlist placements, and recognition as one of the hottest songs to date. The music visual to one of VIPeach’s hit songs received a Buckeye Award for “Best Female Music Video” in this year 2022! Less than a year after the song was released an award was won! This is why we preach to NEVER give up on your dreams, goals, and music careers! Things in this world take time, instant gratification is not real, and we must always stay on the path God has planned for us. Below is the official award winning visual to this fun song.

“Boss Shit” Official Music Video Filmed By: WITNESSTHEFAME™ Records

We found VIPeach on Instagram and truly appreciated and enjoyed her work. One of our Artists, Sanía Iman, is from OH and noticed that Peaches was also from OH. It seemed like the perfect pairing! Sanía Iman is always on the lookout for Artists from her hometown to support, collaborate with, and become fans of. When Sanía Iman brought Vipeach to Elitenment’s attention, he was immediately interested. They grabbed their 4K camera equipment and headed downtown to film the “Boss Shit” music visual for free. This music video takes place at the famous McCormick Place, which is a 2.6 million square foot hall for conventions, business deals, sports tournaments, and so on. There was an immediate vibe between Vipeach and WITNESSTHEFAME upon meeting and filming. We truly look forward to working together again!

Vipeach is an Artist, model, DV survivor, Mother, Veteran, positive influence, and role model. We have been incredibly intrigued with her music career and we know that she is going to take the female rap game to new heights. With class and genuineness, Peaches is taking herself and all Boss Chicks to the top!

While you immerse yourself in the music visuals of Peaches, you will be entertained with hot bars, catchy vocalizations, and outstanding visuals. Take a view for yourself and flow on this ride!

“Rich Bitch” Music Visual
“Friend From Foe” Music Visual
“Baddest In the City” Music Visual

Be sure to vibe out with VIPEACH™ on Spotify and also check out the Producer’s Cut of the music visual below!

“Boss Shit” Music Visual Producer Cut



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