Sanía Iman has released one of the most healing and comforting albums of our time. World Help Deluxe showcases delicate balance, harmony, and peace with a lot of Soul. While Sanía Iman reminds us all to stay grateful and

“Focus on the bigger picture”

Sanía iman

we can already feel the anxiety of moving so fast that we don’t take any moments to stop and do these two simple things. While yoga and meditation are very prominent in Sanía Iman’s Life, her understanding is that with meditation we can silence our minds and take a moment to slow down. We can also take moments to listen to ourselves on the inside and gain desire for what we want to passionately create in our lives. It’s quite magical the calmness and comfort you will experience when chilling out and listening to World Help Deluxe.

With the track list being exactly seven songs, Sanía Iman has hit a consoling mark with her sound and she is here to heal you no matter what you are going through. She totally feels the weight and pain of the world and laid it out on the track for all of us to relate. If you couldn’t find the words to say about the pandemic, she’s already steps ahead of you singing the words from her Heart and Soul.

Have you heard World Help Deluxe yet? If not, grab your wine, your blunt, your Heart, and listening ears and let’s go on this healing journey together!